donderdag, maart 20, 2008


'VirginiaDem' zegt vandaag op DailyKos het volgende:

Think about this for a moment. Right now, the biggest media story so far during this election year hasn't been something a candidate has done during his or her professional life. Or something a candidate has said while on the trail. Or some aye vote or nay vote or failure to vote. Or really something the candidate did in his or her personal life, however irrelevant to the office sought.

No, the biggest story of the campaign is what someone that a candidate has known said outside of that candidate's presence, despite the fact that the candidate himself has rejected those statements and has never said anything remotely similar.

So, this story about statements made by Barack Obama's former pastor outside of Obama's presence is the story that's continuing to make the evening news (e.g., George Stephanopoulos commented tonight on ABC News) and pundits swoon. At the same time, the real news about John McCain repeatedly displaying a failure to understand the true dynamics affecting (or not affecting) the Iraq war he wants to continue -- contradicting the premise of his entire campaign based on foreign policy experience and knowledge -- has received minuscule attention in comparison.

And it's not just some fetish about religious leaders. As has been chronicled in diary after diary, when members of the religious right say outrageous things, those facts get a blip on and then fade away each time. Indeed, in what is a pretty clear comparison, when it became known that a televangelist that John McCain sought out for an endorsement and stood on a platform with in mutual praise had made horrid, bigoted comments, the story got minor news attention while McCain rode out the storm. And now, while Obama is supposedly swooning because of the religious comments of his former pastor, McCain is at the height of his popularity. It's as if he never sought and touted the endorsement of a man who called Catholicism a "great whore" and believes scores died in Katrina because God hates gays.


Blogger Xander Michiel Beute said...

En dus?

De Republikeinen beschuldigen de pers ervan te links te zijn. De Democraten op hun beurt...

Als de tegenstrever van McCain bekend is, zal hij, als de Democraten er tenminste niet voor kiezen een kansloze poeslieve Kerry-achtige campagne te voeren, er nog vaak genoeg aan herinnerd worden.

4:13 p.m.  
Blogger Frank Blaakmeer said...

Wat nou en dus?

Hoeveel mensen in dit kikkerlandje wisten al van McCain zijn vuilspuitende vriend. Wie heeft het er over? Niemand. Dat is het probleem. Dan heb ik het er maar over. Zonder commentaar en dus zonder 'dus'. Oordeel zelf.
Wat nou 'En dus?'

4:36 p.m.  
Blogger Xander Michiel Beute said...

Het laat zien hoe belangrijk de heer Obama is, daarbij is het in Nederland absoluut geen nieuws als een of andere voor een republikein belangrijke pipo een hekel aan homo's heeft, dat ligt in de lijn der verwachting.

5:51 p.m.  
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