dinsdag, februari 19, 2008

Voor de liefhebbers

Ik weet het, ik weet het, het gaat de hele tijd over hetzelfde. Als je dat niet leuk vind kan je dit overslaan en wachten op nieuwe ballonnen. Maar dit artikel op DailyKos moet je lezen als de verkiezingen je in Amerika je ook maar voor een kwart interesseren. Voor de duidelijkheid: DailyKos is een behoorlijk progressief-liberale website die de laatste maanden smoorverliefd is geworden op Obama.

A Life-Long Republican Weighs In On Your Ronald Reagan
by draylogan

Mon Feb 18, 2008 at 08:25:13 PM PST

Barack Obama, if nominated as the Democratic Candidate will carry the most states in the general election since Ronald Reagan in 1984 (49 States). He will make historic changes that will fall slightly short of what most Progressives (Is that what you call yourselves?) desire, but will be far more sweeping then they could have attained otherwise. He will do this with great support from both sides of the "aisle."
The problem is, you may not elect him. He may not be your candidate. And it is because so many of you sit in your little liberal bubbles talking with each other so much that you can't see what you have in front of you.
Wake up Democrats!!!

These are the following "blind spots" that I see as an "outsider" to this internal discussion.

1. Hillary Clinton wins more big states:
So what!!! Hillary won New York and California. One was her home state by the way. Do Democrats really think those states wouldn't go Democrat in a general election anyway??? You don't think ANY democrat would win Mass.? Come on! This logic makes Republicans laugh. You could throw Chris Dodd out as your candidate and we would concede California, N.Y. and Mass.

2. Hillary Clinton can win swing states:
Let me make this clear right now. If Hillary is your candidate you WILL HAVE NO CHANCE of winning Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, Minnesota, or even Florida. Barack Obama can win all of these. Why? Well, because 37% of the country is Democrat, 37% of the country is Republican, and the votes that matter...Independants, make up 26% of the electorate. That Independant group, which is getting larger every year, would rather vote for McCain over Hillary (me included), but would vote for Barack over McCain (me included)
Can we agree that I am factually correct so far?

3. Barack Obama can't win some of the states he is winning now, therefore they don't matter:
I will say this again. You need to look at history. The reason the country has been divided into Red and Blue is because we haven't had any candidates that have really inspired ALL people. Let's just face it. I didn't vote for George Bush because he inspired me...I voted for him because I was a Republican. I bet many of you did the same for Kerry. When a candidate comes along that can inspire an entire nation, you can throw the Red/Blue State Book out the friggin' window. Ronald Reagan won 44 states in 1980, and then he won 49 states in 1984. Barack Obama is your Ronald Reagan if you would just not be so afraid to believe.

4. Hillary has all her negatives factored in, Barack will be an easy target:
Again, we Republicans laugh to think that some of you believe this. If Hillary becomes your nominee, we will have no qualms (unlike Barack), about attacking her legacy. Her failed health insurance policy. Her legal dealings. Her inability to make sure Monica Lewinski cleaned her dress correctly after her tryst in the Oval Office. O yes, it is all fair game whether you like it or not. Barack knows he can't do this. We will remind people of the last 4 years of the Clinton's reign in the Whitehouse... rooms for rent, the place left a wreck, and pardons for really bad people. We don't even know how to go after Barack. He's young. He can't handle the war in Iraq. That's about it. You win.

[er was een 5de punt. Ik heb het weggelaten i.v.m. de lengte en omdat het nergens op slaat]

In conclusion, the thing that should wake ALL of you up is to realize that I will be voting for Barack Obama. There are many like me. I know of NO Republicans who would vote for Hillary. None.

Why? Is it because he isn't progressive? No, it's because of his message. He inspires. Don't discount words. I am pro-life and anti-gay marraige. But what is more important to me, is bringing this nation together with a message of shared responsibility. WE can do this. Not just Progressives. Not just Democrats. Not just Independants. We ALL can do this. We are the hope we have been waiting for.


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Op wie zou jij eigenlijk stemmen? Jahaaaaa, nou weten we 't wel, hoor. Nou weer eens over iets anders. Tot 4 maart dan.


11:16 p.m.  
Anonymous Michelle said...


ik vind het niet erg dat je iedere keer over hetzelfde schrijft, maar "als je dat niet leuk vindT" is toch echt met DT!

Still waiting for your e-mail..


11:53 p.m.  
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