donderdag, oktober 09, 2008

Looking good

"One of the men told a story this morning about his 95 year old father. He started the story by explaining his father's view of the world. His father was raised in a segregated and racist environment. My friend always believed that his father had a good heart and harbored no animosity or hatred against people of other races but he was known to make 'inappropriate' statements. My friend was determined to get his father's vote for Obama but frankly was unsure if he would be successful.

His father seldom gets out anymore so last week-end he went and visited him to help him with his absentee ballot. They talked about family items and then my friend said 'Dad, do you want to just vote a straight Democratic ticket?' My scheming friend thought he'd get his dad's commitment and vote that way and avoid a direct conversation about Obama. Dad readily agreed to an all Democratic selection and then paused, looking worried and slightly confused. 'Uh-oh' my friend thought. His dad said 'That's fine but just make sure you vote for that colored boy.'"


Blogger Xander Michiel Beute said...

Eerst dacht ik: Ja. Nou. En?

Toen realiseerde ik me dat de 95-jarige vader blank is.

12:25 a.m.  

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