maandag, november 10, 2008


Op 28 september 2007 schreef ik onder de titel "Obama" het volgende blogje. Ik herhaal het nog maar een keer.

"Back then I had a tendency, in my mother’s words, to act a bit casual about my future. I rebelled, angry in the way that many young men in general, and young black men in particular, are angry, thinking that responsibility and hard work were old-fashioned conventions that didn’t apply to me. I partied a little too much and studied just enough to get by."

"And once, after a particularly long night of partying, we had spilled a little too much beer, broke a few too many bottles, and trashed a little too much of the dorm. And the next day, the mess was so bad that when one of the cleaning ladies saw it, she began to tear up."

"And when a girlfriend of mine heard about this, she said to me, “That woman could’ve been my grandmother, Barack. She spent her days cleaning up after somebody else’s mess.”

"Which drove home for me the first lesson of growing up:

The world doesn’t just revolve around you."


Anonymous marijn said...

Ik durf te wedden dat McCain ook zulke verhalen kan vertellen...

9:17 p.m.  

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